Charmaine Paddick

Charmaine trained with her cousins, the Hallorans in Sydney in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Irish Dancing in which she held State and National titles.

Charmaine’s professional career began at 16 and has spanned many productions such as Sesame St Live, State of Origin and Mardi Gras.  Charmaine was a dancer on the famous Sydney Showboat for 6 years and during this time she started her own commercial dance and promotions business which supplied performers for extensive corporate and promotional gigs throughout Australia and overseas.  Her involvement with The Wiggles has spanned many years and she was a dancer and character ‘Pirate Charlie’ during this time where she featured in many videos and live performances.

Two of Charmaine’s favourite dance moments were dancing with Kylie Minogue at Mardi Gras and being chosen for the elite dance cast in Baz Lurhman’s Film ‘Moulin Rouge’ with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

Charmaine moved to Brisbane in 1999 to join her sister, Lisa, in her rapidly growing dance school and has brought with her a wealth of experience and skills that she has proudly passed on to the many professional dancers Kick has produced.  Charmaine’s background in choreography has been integral to all of Kick’s performances and competitions. Her attention to detail and demands on dancers to ‘bring out their best’ has ensured a very high quality of dance education and performance at Kick. Charmaine started the successful Kick Arts arm of Kick Dance and continues to produce, direct and choreograph the amazing musicals put on by the school. Charmaine is married to a pretty recognisable pirate who is our co-founder and guest teacher when not performing himself internationally, and is also a current Kick mum to Connor and Felix.