Lingo Lin Performing Arts Centre

Ormiston College – Sturgeon St

(the best entrance is from the back of the school)


TroupeItemCall Time
6 and under Jazz Copacabana7.30am
8 and under TapFeel So Young7.45am
6 and under BalletCopelia8.00am
8 and under Slow ModernRaise Me Up8.15am
6 and under TapGood Ship Lollipop9.45am
6 and under Song and DanceLet Me Entertain you9.45am
8 and under JazzTNT10.00am
8 and under ClassicalLes Sylphide1.00pm
12 and under TapSing Sing, Get Up1.00pm
12 and under Popular DanceDowntown1.30pm
12 and under NationalRussian3.00pm
12 and under Song and DanceDoll, Good Morning3.00pm
12 and under Jazz Slave3.30pm


10 and under Jazz Bounce, Dance Like Your Daddy7.30am
10 and under Slow Modern Imagine8.00am
10 and under Tap Supercala, Come Alive9.45am
10 and under Song and Dance Chitty 10.00am
10 and under Classical Valzer, Invitation to the Dance1.00pm
12 and under Classical Amelie1.30pm
12 and under Lyrical A Thousand Years4.00pm


15 and under TapJump, Rugcutter7.30am
15 and under Song and Dance Footloose8.00am
15 and under National Indian9.30am
15 and under Classical Bolero9.30am
15 & under Jazz Greatest Show, Burn It Up10.00am
15 and under Lyrical Fall at Your Feet1.00pm
Open Classical Rhapsody1.30pm
Open National Spanish3.00pm
OPEN Tap Hot Chocolate, This is Me3.15pm


OPEN Lyrical Hallelujah, Summertime11.00am
OPEN Popular Everybody, Finesse1.00pm
OPEN Jazz Boom, Vogue2.30pm

Please note:

* Students should arrive in make-up (red lipstick, blush and eye make-up) and with hair done (or allow time well before the call time to get ready). These arrival times are for warm up/rehearsals.

* These times are approximately a couple of hours before estimated performance times to allow for warm up, run through, final dressing etc. Whilst we do our best to “work out” performance times (estimated from the programme), late entries, tea breaks, cancellations etc. may alter the programme. We may also need to call some groups earlier if we do not have a chance for rehearsal times between sections.

* Costumes must be covered at the Eisteddfod (Kick capes are available). Tap shoes must be covered or removed in the hall.

* Please bring practice shoes/clothes and socks to cover ballets/pointes. Don’t forget your water bottles!

* Whilst inside the venue please keep noise (and opinions!) to a minimum and do not walk around when groups are performing on the stage.

* Use of cameras/videos etc will not be permitted in the hall at the Eisteddfod during performances.

DVD’s/videos can be ordered at Brisbane and Redlands Eisteddfod prior to the performance.


Have fun, be good sports and make us proud! Miss Char, Miss Lisa, Miss Kim, Miss Tash …