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Timetable Term 1, 2015

Commences:   Saturday 7th of January, 2015
Finishes:         Thursday 2nd of April, 2015

Below is the timetable for the back to back classes in Singing, Acting, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics.

There are many more classes available through Kick (including Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Irish Dancing). Pick and choose to create your personal program.

If you would like anymore information please contact us at for any enquiries

***Introducing our newest class            Twinkle Toes (Singing, Imaginative and Creative Movement)
                                                           email to be placed on a waiting list

BALMORAL HIGH SCHOOL cnr of Lytton and Thynne Rd, Morningside

Time                             CLASS  Time                               CLASS
3.30-4.00pm                  Munchkins B
4.00-4.45pm                Beginners Jazz D
4.00-4.45pm                     Junior MT B
4.45-5.30pm                 Junior Jazz D

5.30-6.15pm                Beginners Tap B


BALMORAL HIGH SCHOOL cnr of Lytton and Thynne Rd, Morningside
9.15-9.45am  Munchkins A
9.45-10.30am Junior MT A
9.45-10.30am Junior Jazz C
10.30-11.15am Junior MT A
10.30-11.15am Beginners Jazz A
11.15-12.00pm  Intermediate MT B

Junior Jazz B

6 & Under MT Troupe
12.00-12.45pm Intermediate MT B
12.45-1.30pm Intermediate MT A
12.45-1.30pm Acrobatics

Intermediate MT A

12 & Under MT Troupe
1.30-2.15pm 10 & Under MT Troupe

































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