Concert Series FAQ

What is the ‘Concert Series’?

The concert series are four concerts divided by age that Kick puts on at the end of each year. The concerts give children an opportunity to wear professional costumes and perform onstage in a professional setting for their friends and family. Our dancers love their concerts and work hard towards them.

What is the difference between the concerts?
After the success of last year we will once again be holding a Creative Movement and Twinkle Stars concert for our youngest dancers. It will be a wonderful concert with professional costumes and staging but will be held in a relaxed style to allow our dancers to have the most fun possible.

The Junior Concert is for our younger Junior classes. The dress rehearsal is in the morning and the concert is in the afternoon, usually on a Saturday in November.

The Intermediate concert is for our Junior and some pre-intermediate students. The dress rehearsal is in the morning and the concert is in the afternoon, usually on a Saturday in November.

The Senior concerts are for our older Intermediate and Advanced students. The senior concerts run over a Friday and Saturday night in November with a dress rehearsal the Saturday prior.
Does my child have to be in the concerts?
No! Absolutely not. The opportunity to be in the concert is presented to all students free of charge, other than the associated hard costs – including a video fee. However, if you choose not to be involved you must advise us in plenty of time, otherwise any costs already incurred (i.e. ordered costumes) will still require payment.
So how much does it cost?
Kick manages to run an extremely professional (and fun!) concert series while keeping costs to a minimum for families. Parents pay for the costume (can be up to $150 – most are subsidised by fund raising) and parents can purchase tickets if they’d like to watch the performance (Usually between $10 – $35 each). There is also a $35 concert video levy for all families which provides access to a digital download of all concerts, insurance, licensing, copyright, broadcasting fee and APRA licence. All other associated costs are covered by Kick.

Where are the concerts?
The concerts are held at Cannon Hill Anglican College – Junction Rd. Cannon Hill
OK, we are in! What do I need to know?
You will receive an email with what dressing room your child is in and what extra parts of their costume they need i.e. shoes, tights etc. It also has makeup and hair requirements. Please print this and bring it on the day.
Medical forms and photography consent forms?
These are linked from the same above email – please go to the website and fill them out as soon as you can. We need these details to care for your children throughout the concerts.
I’ve never done this before – what do I need?
Make sure that you have plenty of hair and makeup supplies. Christine Brennan at Kit Me is a fabulous resource for the mums at Kick – you can order starter hair kits from her as well as great quality ballet and jazz tights and makeup.
If you order with Christine she can drop your order in to Kick Dance for you to collect during class.
Have you got your tickets?
Check the on sale dates (usually 2 weeks prior to the concert) and make sure that you get your tickets early as each concert does sell out! The tickets are generally available through TryBooking and links will be available on the website and via social media. DO NOT buy a ticket for your child who is dancing in the concert. They don’t need one and are not able to come into the auditorium to watch. The beauty of the dress rehearsals are that they get to see it all then, and it is very exciting for them. The ticket costs cover the hire of the venue and the technicians.

There are wheelchair seats available and if you book one please book the others as needed to keep your family seated together.
It’s the morning of the dress rehearsal – HELP! Makeup and hair?
Take a deep breath – this is exciting! The professional photographs are taken at the dress rehearsal so please make sure that your child arrives in their costume (first costume if they are in more than one dance) with their hair and make-up done. Make-up should be blush, eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick. Boys don’t need make-up. Remove earrings or cover with band aids. Please make sure that the children have their makeup in their bag for touch ups as well as hair products like a comb, gel, hairspray and pins! Younger children will have their hair and makeup touched up by the parent helpers in their room using the makeup and hair products that you supply.
My child is too young for make-up!?
Once they get on stage under the lights the dancers can appear washed out. Makeup means that you can see their features while they are performing.
What if I can’t do hair?
Ask for help! There are plenty of Kick dance mums and older dancers who are happy to help! – there are some pretty fabulous YouTube step by step videos as well.
Got it! What next for the dress rehearsal?
COVER THE COSTUME! I know that you’ve seen it but it’s a surprise for everyone else. Use a Kick Cape available from Ditto Dance or a large ‘Daddy shirt’ (anything old that you don’t mind getting lippy on.) The cover also stops the costumes from getting dirty, and it’s professional to cover up. Drop your little one to the carer for their dressing room with a non-messy snack and a drink of water and leave the rest to us! Kick have over 20 years experience running concerts. We will keep your little ones safe and they will have fun watching the dress rehearsal while you go and get a coffee or just have a break – you deserve it! Unfortunately the only parents that are able to stay during dress rehearsal are our helpers – this is due to space issues and to allow our little ones to get to know how things run on the night – don’t worry, we know some of them are very little but we’ve done this before!
My child is in more than one dance – what do I do with the other costume?
Bring it with you to the dress rehearsal. The second costume will remain at the venue for the night time performance so you don’t have to bring it back. Senior concerts – just take home your first costume on Friday night to wear back on Saturday, the rest can be left at the venue.

The dress rehearsal ran late! When do I pick up my child?
This does occasionally happen – we will try to text you if we can. Please bear with us – these concerts are HUGE!
It’s showtime! What do I need to know?
Hopefully you’ve had time to go home and give your tiny dancer a rest in between the dress rehearsal and the concert – it’s a big day!
Now it’s much the same as the morning….
Hair and make-up done? check
Costume on and looking fabulous? check
Covered by a Cape or Daddy Shirt? check
Things to entertain? Colour-ins (no textas), an iPad or handheld gaming device? check
Drop the dancers in to their dressing room with a big kiss and say goodbye! Take your tickets and head to the auditorium to watch the show, stopping at the (cash only) bar or BBQ for a sausage and a drink first.
Is that it?
No! There’s a sausage sizzle, raffle tickets, a lolly bar and flowers to congratulate your little performer, plus a full bar available. It’s quite a an event! (Please note these are all cash only).
Are there any no-nos?
Not too many as we try to keep it fun for everyone!
Parents are only to come backstage to drop off prior to the concert and pick up after the concert. Children are to be signed in and out by one parent.
Parents are not to come backstage during the intermission.
Parents can not take their children into the auditorium after they dance to watch the rest of the concert.
No photography or videoing of the performance is allowed. Professional photos and videos will be available after the event.
These no-nos are for the safety of our children.
All of our parents at the event are volunteers, please do not abuse them. We love our volunteers!
Eating in the auditorium is not allowed, that’s a CHAC no-no.
Other FAQs
Why do you need volunteers?
Every job at the concerts is done by a volunteer. The parents in your children’s dressing rooms are giving up their time to keep your children safe and happy. Without these parents we could not hold the concerts. Consider doing the same on another night where your child is not dancing – or watch one senior night and help on the other.
OK I’ll help. what’s the commitment?
If you help for the concert you need to also be available for the dress rehearsal so that you know what to do and the kids can get to know you.
I wanted help on the bar not backstage?
Unfortunately our volunteers are put where they are needed most which might not be your first choice. We really appreciate your efforts and so do the kids! Enjoy the night – it’s fun behind the scenes too.
I have a ticket issue – who do I get in touch with?
There’s a problem with my tickets or I don’t need them anymore. Talk to Natalya Greenwood or Sandra Hansen who will see what they can do!