Colmslie Community Centre

Help Save Our Studios!

Dear Kick parents,


We are writing to give a history of our status at Colmslie studios and ask for support to remain there while offering back an incredible Community Centre that can be utilised and shared among our incredible ‘village’.

We were introduced to the property by Shayne Sutton with the view to taking over the lease when Hockey Queensland finished up – a win win for all.  After investing a substantial amount of money into making it a safe and functioning dance studio, we then found we are not entitled to apply for the lease as it must go to a not for profit, community based organisation.  Even though we are technically a commercial entity (and our accountant would support us as a not for profit!), we feel we are a community based, family orientated part of this community.  Council has allowed us a permit to utilise the property until the tender process is finished next June.  We can’t thank local Councillor Kara Cook enough for her complete support and encouraging council facilities to allow us to remain in the property until this point (we were originally asked to vacate this November).

Our intention is to rent from a not for profit – Excel Foundation – and establish a Community Centre where groups within our area – school, sport, art, support etc are able to utilise this professional function centre for events/fundraisers/ meetings/ rehearsals for FREE.  Excel Foundation will be actively tendering for the property and, if successful, manage the centre and bookings.

Our commercial rent will be channeled back into maintaining and improving the building for all but also directly to Excel Foundation who in turn support and encourage so many young sports and arts people who would otherwise not have access to training/travel/equipment etc.


Excel Foundation Ltd is an amalgamation of previous not for profits that have supported athletes and performing artists for 2 decades.  We are moving from state based charity regime to the new federal one and are currently awaiting registered charity status to come through from the Australia Charities and Not for Profit’s Commission.  We have also sought deductible gift registration status so that donations can be tax deductible.

Where  a child or young person is unable to participate in sport or a performing art due to their family circumstance, we arrange to pay for their fees or participation costs.  We do this through the parents and prefer that the individual is not even aware that we have paid for it, rather that their parents managed to come up with the money somehow.  We really want to help these children and young people without them feeling like they are receiving charity.

Our foundation has it’s operating costs directly funded by corporate sponsors.  This means every cent that we raise from donations or from the Colmslie Community Centre gets donated to the kids and young people.

Kick Dance is a wonderful organisation and we have had the pleasure of knowing these lovely ladies for a decade or more.  The opportunity to work with them to fund a community centre while maintaining a great space for over 600 dance students to operate out of each week is something we are very much looking forward to.

THE TENDER PROCESS IS NOW OPEN AND CLOSES FEBRUARY 3.  There are other groups who will apply and close off this facility to our local community and Kick Dance and this will be a tragedy.


If you are a part of a community group, or know of a group who could utilise this space, can we ask that you register your support via the button below.

If you can voice your support us as an individual,  we also ask that you register your support via the button below.

OUR AIM is to continue to provide a safe and affordable dance space in a recreational precinct.  Our aim is also to share this wonderful space and allow community groups a chance to raise as much funds as they can for their cause, or have a meeting place to bring their folk together.

Please support us in keeping Colmslie within the community and for the community …