82 Stephens Rd, South Brisbane


12 and under Classical Amelie7.15 am
12 and under Song and Dance Doll on a Box, Good Morning7.30 am
12 and under Tap Get Up, Sing Sing9.30 am
10 and under Tap Supercala, Come Alive2.30 pm
10 and under Jazz Bounce, Dance Like Your Daddy5.30 pm


10 and under Classical Invitation, Valzer7.00 am
10 and under Lyrical Imagine8.45 am
12 and under Hip Hop / Urban Downtown4.15 pm
12 and under Lyrical A Thousand Years5.45 pm
12 and under Jazz Slave7.00 pm


15 and under Song & Dance Footloose5.30 pm


6 and under Ballet Copelia7.30 am
6 and under Tap G’ship Lollipop8.00 am
8 and under Lyrical Raise Me Up8.45 am
6 and under Song and Dance Let Me Entertain you11.15 am
8 and under Classical Les Sylphide11.30 am
6 and under Jazz Copacabana11.45 am
8 and under Jazz TNT1.30 pm
Open Lyrical S’time, Hallelujah4.00 pm
Open Jazz Vogue, Boom6.30 pm


15 and under Lyrical Fall At Your Feet7.30 am
15 and under Tap Jump in the Line, Rugcutter8.00 am
15 and under Classical Bolero11.30 am
15 and under Jazz Greatest Show, Burn it Up5.30pm


Open Tap Hot Choc, This is Me8.00 am
Open Classical Rhapsody11.00 am
Open Hip Hop / Urban Everybody, Finesse1.30 pm


Please note: Kick Dance are in the RED Dressing Room on Level 3 (Underneath Carpark) where we have been previously

* Students should arrive in make-up (red lipstick, blush and eye make-up) and with hair done (or allow time well before the call time to get ready). These arrival times are for warm up/rehearsals.

* These times are approximately a couple of hours before estimated performance times to allow for warm up, run through, final dressing etc. Whilst we do our best to “work out” performance times (estimated from the programme), late entries, tea breaks, cancellations etc. may alter the programme. We may also need to call some groups earlier if we do not have a chance for rehearsal times between sections.

* Costumes must be covered at the Eisteddfod (Kick capes are available). Tap shoes must be covered or removed in the hall.

* Please bring practice shoes/clothes and socks to cover ballets/pointes. Don’t forget your water bottles!

* Whilst inside the venue please keep noise (and opinions!) to a minimum and do not walk around when groups are performing on the stage.

* Use of cameras/videos etc will not be permitted in the hall at the Eisteddfod during performances.

DVD’s/videos can be ordered at Brisbane and Redlands Eisteddfod prior to the performance.


Have fun, be good sports and make us proud! Miss Char, Miss Lisa, Miss Kim …




ERPAC and St Laurence’s College are totally SMOKE FREE ZONES

SCHOOL GROUNDS – Are ‘Out Of Bounds’ To All Competitors And Patrons! Absolutely No Parking Is Permitted In School Grounds On
School Days. This Includes vehicles of teachers not on staff at St Laurence’s. A security guard will be stationed at the entry gate to monitor
entry. Vehicles will be towed without notice. A security guard is also onsite each afternoon/evening from dusk. No vehicles should enter the
ERPAC driveway entrance at any time Buses included!. All drop offs from private vehicles/buses are to be made in Stephens Road. Parking
within the school buildings will result in immediate towing. DO NOT enter these areas without authorization.
PARKING -The best parking for the event is in the Hancock Street Car Park – direct access to the auditorium is via level 4. The parking
ticket should be presented at the eisteddfod ticket office to obtain a discount parking voucher. $15 per day. This discount does not apply to
any other car park. Parking is available in surrounding streets but check all signage as limits do apply in some areas. Great links for
TICKETS & PROGRAMS are only available at the ticket office in the foyer on Level 6 of the venue. Tickets must be visible at all times to allow
easy access to the auditorium during busy times. Tickets are required to view any performance. EFTPOS facilities are not available at the
ticket office – an ATM is available at the venue.
COMPETITOR PASSES & BADGES are collected by the teachers on arrival at the venue. Junior Secondary School dancers participating
on Friday 24th and Thursday 30th MUST keep their pass for both days. Passes/Badges must be visible to gain entry to the auditorium.
EVERY dancer is required to purchase a pass/badge. Teacher passes MUST NOT be used by parents!
AUDITORIUM ACCESS – Doors to the auditorium will open approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of a session. Once the session has
commenced entry and exit is only allowed when the stage is clear as managed by the door volunteers. Tickets, passes & badges need to be
visible to allow quick transitions through the doors.
DRESSING ROOM allocation signs and venue maps will be posted outside the lifts and throughout the venue. It is always crowded and we
thank everyone for their understanding that space is limited. Please remind all dancers to secure their valuables – particularly mobile phones!
Lost property will be kept at the ticket office.
STAIRS – There are a lot of stairs both inside the auditorium and within the venue. Care MUST be taken at all times. DO NOT run on the
FIRST AID – Any crew member or volunteer will be able to assist. Ice is kept back stage and at the administration desk. A medic is provided
during the busiest sessions and a first aid person is available at all other times. Strapping tape is not supplied by the Eisteddfod Committee.
PROBLEMS Back Stage crew (green shirt) or Eisteddfod volunteers (white vest) are the best point of contact for any issues – they have
contact with the management team at all times. Parents should consult their groups’ teacher or supervisor in the first instance.
BEHAVIOUR – Rude or aggressive interactions will not be tolerated and may result in exclusion from the event.
SUPERVISION – Competitors musts be supervised. There is a lot of excitement and energy happening around us at the event and we don’t
want it to result in injuries.
LIMELIGHT MULTIMEDIA will be in the foyer for all video bookings. All videos must be booked before the section commences. Educational
School items are all recorded.
MOVE PHOTOGRAPHY will take photos of all items on stage. Photos can be viewed and purchased in the foyer.
On site Catering is available on Level 6 outside the foyer.
Please encourage your dancers to support each and every competitor on stage!
RESULTS will be posted on the Brisbane Eisteddfod Face Book Page – please ‘like’ our ‘Page’ to keep updated – Brisbane Eisteddfod
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Can’t wait to see you all at BE Dance Groups 2019 !