Ballet Exams

Colmslie Studios

Please find below the dates and times for ballet exams. Please arrive 1 HOUR EARLIER for hair and warm up. Leotards are supplied. Please bring clean ballet tights and shoes as well as ironed character skirts if required. Hair is done by some of our fabulous volunteers, please bring hair needs as per the descriptions on display at Colmslie and The Uniting Church. These can include hair bands, bobby pins, split pins, bun nets, comb, hair band, gel and hairspray. We look forward to making this an enjoyable day for all of our students who have worked so hard. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

22nd August 20199.00amGrade 1Isabella Kirchner
Sofia Marland
Claudia Wilcock
Remi Davies
9.40amGrade 2Isobel Stobie
Gabrielle Lynch
Eve Fleming
Brooklyn Slater
10.35amGrade 4Calista Mantis
Holly Fleming
Stephanie Short
11.05amPrimarySophie French
Aiden Clark
Zoe Mellish
11.35amGrade 5Freya Callaghan
Jessica Swift
Reina Vunderink
Isabella Nolan
1.25pmGrade 3Esther Kane
Hayley Gibson
Ellie Gray
Mia Jenkins
2.10pmGrade 2Audrey Crawford
Isla Murray
Ella Keane
Mia Graham
3.05pmGrade 4Grace Armstrong
Ava Underwood
Sophie Black
23rd August 20199.00amPrimaryPiper Biddles
Gwenyth Lutton
Alice Paterson
Hannah Fleming
9.35amGrade 3Ava Lam
Layla Gasiewski
Olivia Hutton
10.00amGrade 1Jade Johnson
Amelia Simmons
Edith Papas
Sienna O'Rourke
10.55amGrade 4Amelia Richards
Lily Carpenter
Bianca Guse
Sophia Downey
11.45amGrade 2Zara Chaw
Milliie Walker
Lucinda Hillier
Caitlin Theodorou
1.25pmGrade 3Chelsea Callinan
Matilda Kimlin
Mia Bellchambers
2.05pmGrade 2Ellarby Mylne
Violet Tottle
Gabriella Hann
Sophia Tsahtsarlis
2.30pmPrimaryMia Dennis
Isobella Xia
Lucy French
3.15pmGrade 3Maelee Falkes
Kenna White
Ruby Tanaka
Zoe Barends
26th August 20199.00amGrade 5Matilda Maclennan
Kaitlyn Aspinall
Jacob Gray
Sienna Ball
9.50amGrade 1Millie Irving
Cecilia Hanel
Emily Cupples
Grace Bartlett
10.45amPrimarySienna Tran
Evie Townsend
Miriam Gray
11.15amGrade 3Charlotte Baker
Ella Simmons
Zali Edgar
11.55amGrade 1 Dimity Hutton
Matilda Bragg
Lucy O'Brien
Isabella Johnson
1.15pmGrade 4Lily Cegielski
Hayley Gibson
Mia Halpin
2.00pmGrade 2Natalie Huynh
Anya Zietek
Soloman Utlwang