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Our aim is to offer structured programs in dance run by professional teachers with excellent qualifications and extensive industry experience. We provide classes which facilitate enjoyment, confidence and sociability, develop students at a very high technical level and allow a ‘KICK’ start into the performing arts. We are now entering our 20th successful year with many lovely memories and exciting educational, social and professional outcomes ...

We are very proud of our students who have successfully gained places in the Queensland Ballet extension program, Queensland Ballet Professional Year and Company, the Australian Ballet School’s Junior Training Programme and full time courses, Ballet Theatre of Queensland, Queensland Youth Ballet, Queensland School of Excellence, the Edge Professional school in Melbourne, ED5 in Sydney, State of Origin football openings, Bullets and Broncos cheersquads, Wiggles videos and other music videos, International Cruise Liners and professional productions such as The Wizard of OZ, The King and I, The Lion King and advertisements, and numerous State and National titles.  We are recipients of many Eisteddfod titles including Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap Championships and aggregates.

We offer a large range of disciplines to suit all ages and abilities:

Twinkle Stars (18 months - 3 years) 
Twinkle stars is our 'Mummy/Daddy and Me' welcome to all our future stars. Classes develop in children from a very young age a sense of musicality, body awareness, vocal development, interaction with peers and a sense of focus and following directions.  Classes are interactive with parents and incorporate a range or props which engage young children while they experience patterns, beats, mime, song, improvisation and dance and musical terms in a creative and entertaining environment. Parents and children are able to discover the world of Performing Arts together and prepare them for the exciting road ahead ...

Creative Movement (3 - 4 years)
Creative Movement is an introduction to all types of Dance.  Starting at three years, students experience the basics of ballet and other techniques in a fun and imaginative environment.  Children practice to focus in a group learning situation and understand respect and classroom etiquette while exploring movement and the joys of music and dance. Parents are invited along this wonderous journey as their child explores their own passion and physical capabilities. The emphasis is on nurturing this love and building the basics for future dance.

Classical Ballet
We teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus – a world renowned organisation that offers professional coaching and excellent technique. (www.rad.org.au) Ballet students are invited to sit exams that not only lead to professional levels but are accredited with the Board of Education and contribute to Senior School Certificates. We offer all grades from Pre-Primary to Vocational level. Students are able to compete in our very successful eisteddfod groups or in solo sections.  Our students have been accepted into Professional positions, the Dance School of Excellence, Ballet Theatre of Queensland, the Queensland Ballet Junior extension programme and the Australian Ballet Junior training programme. Our teachers are highly trained and offer excellent coaching while fostering the joy of classical dance.

Irish Dancing
We are registered with An Coimisiun – the international governing body of Irish Dancing. (www.aidainc.com) Professional teachers who are also International Adjudicators offer high levels of traditional Irish dancing technique and develop great levels of fitness, musicality and strength through a wonderful dance form set to toe tapping traditional Irish music. Students can enter competitions on a Local, National and International level. Beginners have access to competitions through our pool of Team costumes purchased through fundraising.
We have enjoyed much success with many State Championship titles in both solo and Ceili events and wonderful National results including National Titles.  However, our emphasis in class is on learning a challenging art form, reaching incredible fitness levels and offering a view into an exciting culture.

Jazz Dancing
We offer Jazz ballet classes which are up tempo movements to popular music. We have an emphasis on developing jazz technique and flexibility while encouraging musicality and fitness. Jazz is a fun, expressive form of dance and introduces hip hop and other styles in an enjoyable and social class.  We offer eisteddfod work in Jazz and past students have gone on to many professional courses and jobs and enjoyed much success with a solid, technical background.

Tap Dancing
Our tap classes are very popular and incorporate traditional Tap techniques and contemporary styles. Our tappers do very well, often achieving Overall Tap aggregates and awards at eisteddfod level due to their high level of technique, fitness and entertainment value.  As with all ours styles, our tappers have enjoyed much success in the Professional arena. It is a great dance form and a great way to enjoy dance while obtaining impressive skills.

Contemporary Dance is an expressive and dynamic dance style that draws upon strong Ballet technique.  We offer classes for all ages and students find it a very enjoyable and imaginative style.  Past students have gone on to dance Professionally and receive awards for both Contemporary Dance and choreography.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a very popular dance style that appeals to many students - especially boys who can learn to breakdance and pop and perform great party tricks to contemporary music.  Our teachers are leaders in their field and provide expert and inspiring tuition to the next generation.

Singing and Acting
Students are trained in drama and stage techniques and are coached by professional singers and actors to apply all their skills to developing vocal techniques, prepare for auditions and become well rounded performers.  Solo lessons are available where one on one coaching gives students a wonderful kick start into the Performing Arts.

As an extension to gifted students and a social outlet, we offer Troupe classes to selected students. These classes provide experience dancing in Troupes, in team work and Performance, and are a great culmination of techniques and skills. They are also a lot of fun! Our students enjoy going out into the world and showing what they can do in various eisteddfods and other performances. We are always very proud of our students – not only for their dancing and success but for their sense of sportsmanship, professionalism, team spirit and sociability.
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